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John Ciaccio, CEO

Accredited Investigations, Inc.


John Ciaccio is the Chief Executive Officer of Accredited Investigations, Inc. He has developed an excellent infrastructure of talented employees, created a diverse network of Detective Agencies nationwide, and has been extremely successful by using his strong marketing and communication skills. John previously created and sold two successful multi-million dollar investigative firms. He was the co-creator, Chief Executive Officer, and a majority stockholder of Loss Prevention Consultants, Inc. John later partnered in The Detectives, Private Investigators and its registered trade names, Global Alliance Consultants, and Prime Source Investigations, as the senior partner, Chief Executive Officer, and a majority stockholder.

John has been trusted with the personal secrets and serviced some of the most prominent families, judges, politicians, and celebrities. Among clients were large insurance carriers, international steel companies, national home and building suppliers, investigations for the security department for a worldwide chemical company, and national rail and transportation entities.

John has investigated a widely diverse range of cases throughout his 28 years. Cases have involved infidelity, child custody, child support and family conflict investigations, as well as employee actions, copyright infringement, sex abuse by priests, murder convictions, capital murder defense investigation, terroristic threats, child abuse, sex related cases, insurance fraud investigations, medical malpractice, drug cases, and children’s issues. John’s most rewarding work has been working on children’s issues including: runaways, drug abusers, and those sexually and physically abused. As a result of these cases John developed a mentoring relationship with many of his client’s wayward children and counseled them to change their lives and get on the right track. Many continue to update John regarding their successful, productive lives.

Prior to opening his own investigation firms, John was formerly employed as the Chief of Security for Kravco, owner of twenty-two malls across the Eastern seaboard, graduated from the Trenton Special Police Academy, and was appointed as a Lawrence Township Special Police Officer. Over the last 28 years, John has worked across the United States and maintained offices in Florida, Georgia, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. He is a current member of The International Association of Detectives and Investigators, Financial Industry Fraud Investigators, Professional Private Investigators Association, Loss Prevention Professionals Group, and Criminal Defense Investigations Group.

John is looking forward to Accredited Investigations, Inc. being his most creative, successful, and last business venture. Over the last 28 years John has helped advance the private investigation industry through his use of technology and service methods previously used only in law enforcement. Other investigators followed his lead and many of those techniques are more common today. John’s vision for Accredited Investigations, Inc. is to again further the industry with more advanced technology, media, as well as industry related publications.

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