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We are thoroughly skilled and able to conduct all facets of business investigations including theft, fraud, undercover surveillance investigations, as well as truck delivery “tailing”, and gathering dishonest employee documentation. We also offer all areas of Loss prevention services, Online research, and Background investigations.


Theft Investigations

All too often businesses are exposed to losses through both employees and from the outside. Accredited Investigations is experienced in tactics such as:


Undercover Investigation
  • Surveillance
  • Professional Interrogation Techniques
  • Polygraph Examinations
  • Pre-employment Screening

We work with you to formulate an investigation plan that maximizes results. Through our streamlined techniques, you can rest assured that the investigation results will save you far more than the cost.


Fraudulent Claims Investigations

Employee theft of company property, workers harassing another employee, slip and fall claims, employees stealing client information or products, leave companies exposed to lawsuits. Our corporate private investigators are highly skilled in both covert and aboveboard investigations of these actions. Surveillance, witness interviews, background history, and hard drive analysis are among some of the tools that our seasoned investigators employ to mitigate your losses.


Counterfeit Products Investigation

Accredited Investigations, Inc. has extensive experience investigating the manufacturing and sale of counterfeit products and goods. Products include, but are not limited to: computer software, computer hardware, prescription drugs, motor vehicle parts, collector’s items, retail items, and other proprietary products and manufactured goods.

We offer investigation of counterfeit products sold over the internet. Our unique understanding of auction sites, user groups, and market portals allows us to effectively obtain information on sales and distribution of goods. Accredited’s investigators have the ability to communicate with sellers and to purchase and document the transactions for court proceedings. Our investigators keep a detailed chain-of-evidence report to ensure prosecution is without complications.

Accredited Investigations, Inc. has a diverse group of detectives that work undercover to identify the manufacturer, seller, and backer of counterfeit products sold in the conventional markets. Investigators purchase items and document the sale for prosecution.


Employment and Workers’ Compensation Verification

Workers’ compensation and Unemployment compensation fraud contributes to the cost of doing business. An employee commits fraud by knowingly and intentionally receiving wages while collecting total disability benefits or unemployment benefits in excess of the amount permitted while receiving wages. Accredited Investigations, Inc. can obtain proof of an employee’s fraudulent claims against your company. Surveillance, indirect canvassing, and neighborhood searches can be done to prove that your company no longer owes compensation to the employee.


Insurance Business Fraud Investigations

Fraudulent insurance claims account for a significant portion of all claims received by insurers, and cost billions of dollars annually. False or exaggerated Workers’ compensation claims, Auto claims and Injury fraud, Property insurance claims, and Third party fraudulent claims are the most common type of insurance claim fraud. Accredited Investigations, Inc. is highly experienced in providing research, surveillance, witness location and interviews to build a solid case against fraudulent claims.


Civil and Criminal Background Investigations

With access to updated public record databases, our research experts can provide you with fresh and valuable information. Some types of research performed include Civil and Criminal history searches, Motor vehicle records (where permitted), Residence and Property ownership verification, and Litigation research. We are also skilled at searching Internet sites, to develop unique information. Background investigations will be customized to suit your specific needs.We provide ongoing communication to keep you continually updated on the research investigation. You will also be provided research reports detailing all information obtained.


Asset Check

Accredited Investigations can conduct a quick and discreet individual asset search to protect your business interests or the interests of your shareholders. We’ll do it quickly, privately and efficiently. We provide searches for Real property, Vehicle registration, Bankruptcy, Tax liens, Civil judgements, UCC filings, and Business affiliations.


Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance is one of the best tools our private investigators and detectives use when investigating a person’s patterns, habits, lifestyle, etc. Video surveillance is usually the best option when knowledge of a person’s activity, lifestyle, movements, habits, and personal contacts are to be determined or investigated. Whether it be related to Business, Civil investigations, Employee investigations, Fraud, or for any other reason, our Private Detective Services can investigate discreetly and at a cost effective price. Our Agency and Private Detectives pride themselves on the ability to document the activities and lifestyle of the subject with the assumption that the evidence may or may not be used in a legal proceeding. Our client’s identity is always protected in our surveillance investigations and spousal surveillance. Our Licensed Private Detectives are very experienced in counter-surveillance investigations and sophisticated surveillance techniques.


Pre-employment Checks

Some people are less than honest when creating their resumes. Pre-employment background screening can provide answers to many questions regarding applicants, their criminal history, lifestyle patterns, driving record (where legal), and ultimately their reliability. Accredited Investigations, Inc. provides fast, reliable data that allows companies to concentrate on other business-related matters.


Premises Liability

Accredited Investigations, Inc. has extensive experience minimizing high dollar payouts for claims liability for Landlords, Employers, Elevator companies, Homeowners, Business owners, and Mass transit authorities who may be liable for injuries or falsely reported injuries suffered on their property. Injuries can include anything from minor sprains, broken limbs, brain injury, and even death. Our research team provides necessary background and claims history and our expert investigators and surveillance team work together to limit liability awards.


Personal Injury Investigations

Accredited Investigations’ personal injury investigators are highly experienced in witness location, interview techniques, the complexities of determining the viability of the witness in the individual case, and preparing detailed written statements for court. We pride ourselves on our investigators’ abilities to take statements on highly sensitive cases and to determine their merit on scene. Investigators ascertain new information and witnesses through interviews and are able to act immediately to ensure those witnesses are properly vetted.


Witness Statements

Our investigators are highly trained and experienced in obtaining quality, detailed, written statements to assist attorneys in depositions and in settlements. Investigators are seasoned pros in witness location, interview techniques, the complexities of determining the viability of the witness in the individual case, and preparing detailed written statements for court. We pride ourselves on our investigators’ abilities to take statements on highly sensitive cases and to determine their merit on scene.


Civil and Criminal Record Retrieval

Accredited’s Investigators can expedite the receipt of important police reports and often delayed State Police reports. Our investigators review the documents and determine the course of investigation and witness interviews. Investigators research, obtain, and review court documents pertaining to the case. Our Nationwide Network of Investigators enables us to retrieve court documents anywhere you may need them. Video and other time sensitive documentation can be obtained by our investigators with a subpoena.


Undercover Investigations

Our investigators gather pertinent evidence of gross company policy violations, fraud, embezzlement, and criminal and civil violations. When appropriate, the undercover workplace investigation is augmented by the proper and lawful use of covert surveillance, sting operations, and when necessary, with assistance from local law enforcement. Undercover work can be a vital research component in your place of business. Accredited’s Investigators allow businesses to remove themselves from liabilities associated with conducting their own inquiry into these situations.


Shopper Services

Accredited Investigations, Inc. has provided numerous businesses with undercover investigations to determine employee theft in retail stores, warehouses, and construction sites, in the food service industry with (giving free food and liquor), and even evidence of criminal activity being conducted out of your business. Our investigators are highly trained in visual surveillance and accounting for the fraudulent activities as well as documenting them with video surveillance when applicable.


Wrongful Death Claims

In the event of a fatal accident due to the negligence of another party, there is a huge potential for surviving family to file suit and be awarded an extraordinary amount in damages. Insurance companies and business owners can mitigate their losses by thoroughly examining employee negligence due to drug or alcohol use.


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