Our experienced management staff oversees all investigative work using procedures and controls to ensure high-quality work in every case.


We develop investigative plans and offer investigative claims management services. We offer private detective services with immediate and measurable benefits in cost and customer satisfaction. Please call us to discuss our services and fees for an overview and a better understanding of how we can help your company.

Our surveillance teams and private investigators are licensed and minimize our clients’ investigative interactions with claimants during the claims process, enable anonymity, allow indirect access to useful information, and provide a chain-of-evidence report on all claims and minimizes our clients’ unnecessary exposure.


Through Accredited Investigations’ Comprehensive National Investigative Network of Private Investigators and International Investigative Affiliations, we can handle claim cases almost anywhere in the world.


Accredited Investigations, Inc. polices all of their nationwide investigators. HIPAA violations, invasion of privacy infractions through research or surveillance, ghosting, fabricated reports, tampered video/audio evidence, and direct contact with a represented claimant are avoided. Unfortunately these violations are typical of other investigative companies and can lead to devastating lawsuits ending in high-exposure verdicts against insurance carriers and their agents. Accredited Investigations, Inc. takes pride in assuring our clients that we will provide thorough, legal investigations while protecting our clients’ interests at all times.

Accredited Investigations, Inc. offers our clients an added layer of liability protection, the ability to gather useful information from our Comprehensive Nationwide Network of Investigators, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that seasoned, knowledgeable investigators and managers conduct every aspect of your private investigation across the country.

Accredited Investigations, Inc. has a watch dog program in effect on all of their nationwide investigators, which oversees all investigative work assigned to their National Investigative Network of State Licensed Investigators.
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