Civil Law

Accredited Investigations, Inc. has a network of investigators around the world.


Police Reports and Document Retrieval

Accredited Investigators can expedite the receipt of important police reports and often delayed State Police reports. Our investigators review the documents and determine the course of investigation and witness interviews. Investigators research, obtain, and review documents pertaining to the case. Video and other time sensitive documentation can be obtained by our investigators with a subpoena.


Background Checks

Research of our local and national databases to obtain pertinent information on various parties can be obtained by our research staff to enable attorneys to determine a course of action appropriate to the individual circumstances.


Witness Interviews

Our investigators are highly trained to obtain quality, detailed, written statements to assist attorneys in depositions, and in settlements. Our seasoned investigators are experienced in witness location, interview techniques, the complexities of determining the viability of the witness in the individual case, and preparing detailed written statements for court. We pride ourselves on our investigators’ abilities to take statements on highly sensitive cases and to determine their merit on scene.


Accident Scene Investigation

We provide photographic and video services to document accident scenes. We are able to enlarge and provide other services to provide sufficient evidence for court. Measurements and scene drawings are also available in helping to prove adverse conditions.



Reports are provided to attorneys in the form of written statements or in as “Attorney Work Product”. Investigators maintain contact with the attorney throughout the case and to update regarding progress or concerns.


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