Criminal Law

Our comprehensive criminal investigative services can help you get the information you need.


Initial Client Interview

Our private investigators are experienced at conducting in-depth initial client interviews. Our clients continually enjoy knowing that our seasoned investigators have free reign in the use of interview and investigative techniques. Attorneys rest comfortably knowing that they will be communicated with as needed. Our investigators are also available for client/attorney meetings to provide support in the case.


Investigative Plan

Accredited Investigations is able to provide attorneys individualized investigative case strategy to ensure a successful case outcome. In addition to our highly-educated, trained and experienced detectives we provide investigation services such as: background and asset checks, scene photos, research/criminal records, criminal defense, civil litigation, and surveillance. Accredited Investigations, Inc. uses every resource available to ensure that every avenue is explored and cases are resolved in the best interest of your clients.


Background Checks

Our research specialists can expedite customized background checks quickly and confidentially. We can determine trends in the documents obtained and determine further investigative avenues to pursue. Our database capabilities access thousands of sources on the local, regional, and national level.


Witness Interviews

Accredited Investigations’ criminal investigators are highly experienced in witness location, interview techniques, the complexities of determining the viability of the witness in the individual case, and preparing detailed written statements for court. We pride ourselves on our investigators’ abilities to take statements on highly sensitive cases and to determine their merit on scene. Investigators ascertain new information and witnesses through interviews with witnesses and are able to act immediately to ensure those witnesses are properly vetted.



Reports are provided to attorneys in the form of written statements or as “Attorney Work Product”. Investigators maintain contact with the attorney throughout the case and update regarding progress or concerns.


Discovery and Evidence

Our investigators routinely review all discovery provided by attorneys in order to assist in the investigation. Reviews provide location of new witnesses, and enable comparison of prior statements by victims and witnesses to police. Investigators provide attorneys with further investigative options based on discovery. Investigators contact and meet with law enforcement to review evidence as needed and photograph when applicable. Investigators are prepared to assist attorneys in meetings with the District Attorney where discoverable evidence is viewed.



Accredited Investigators develop crucial working relationships with witnesses to enable future positive contact to serve subpoenas and prepare witnesses for trial. If authorized, and armed with blank subpoenas, our investigators are able to determine the value of a witness, write a subpoena, and serve it immediately. Investigators prevent delays before trial and eliminate unnecessary costs for multiple meetings.



Our investigators routinely obtain access to clients and witnesses in the county, state, and federal prisons when necessary to assist attorneys.

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