Computer Experts

We can help recover and document illicit online or mobile activities.



Is your significant other spending a lot more time on the computer during late night hours? Are they setting up or plotting to have an affair? Find out before it happens. Our private investigator infidelity experts can retrieve emails and photos that have been exchanged over the Internet with a complete computer hard drive analysis.

Using the latest software and technology, along with the skills of our experts, we can monitor a computer’s past. This is done regardless of whether or not the files/emails have been deleted.

E-mail recovery, Internet history, Deleted file recovery. All evidence documented and continuity maintained. Discreet mobile service at your location or at our laboratory.


Hard Drive Analysis

Our Technicians can come to your location, make an exact mirror copy of your hard drive, recover old emails, web history, and web sites visited.

This is the same technology used by the top law enforcement agencies in the world.


Electronic Counter Measures

Business/Residential. Our technicians use the latest, most advanced equipment while performing a countermeasure electronic sweep. Through conducting a sweep we can detect (but are not limited to) audio listening devices, recording devices, wireless audio bugs, and wireless video transmitters. No job is too large or too small.


Eavesdropping Detection Services
  • Determine Threat Level
  • Detailed Physical Search
  • Spectrum Analyzer Sweep
  • Radio Frequency Detector Sweep
  • Carrier Current/Hardwiring Inspection
  • Telephone Wiring Analysis
  • Detect Hidden Audio/Video Devices
  • Detect Telephone Wiring (Bugs, Transmitters, Recorders)
  • Detailed Written Report/Security Recommendations


Electronic Equipment Sales

We offer a large assortment of customized cameras and recording equipment. We install cameras (wireless, hardwired, covert, or visible) in any legal permissible setting or environment desired.


Cellular Spying

Our IT Department is second to none in this industry!

We have extensive resources and trained experienced staff to help with identifying and detecting all types of spyware as being implemented today on different types of iPhone, i Pads and communication devices. They allow the eavesdropper to remotely view the following:

  • SMS messages
  • E-mail
  • Telephone Call Logs
  • GPS tracking
  • Voicemail
  • …and other eavesdropping capabilities without the users knowledge

There are many cellular spyware programs on the market that can be purchased over the Internet and installed in a matter of minutes. These spyware programs, once installed on the Smart Phone, allow the eavesdropper to access an Internet Website and view your personal information.

Our Technician recently retired from twenty-five years of service as a State Criminal Investigator in New Jersey. During his law-enforcement career he served as a Senior Investigator in the Major Crimes Unit where he conducted numerous homicide investigations and processed many crime scenes. He has served in the Electronic Surveillance Unit and conducted hundreds of hours of surveillance and supervised many undercover operations. In 1997, he was promoted to the prestigious rank of Principal Investigator and was assigned to supervise the daily operations of the Computer Forensic /Polygraph Unit. He has conducted over five thousand forensic examinations pertaining to computers as well as mobile devices and cellular telephones. He is also qualified by the NJ Courts as an Expert Witness in Computer Forensics. Our technician is a life member of the Fraternal Order of Police, High Tech Crime Investigators Association, American Polygraph Association, and Espionage Research Institute and is a New Jersey Licensed Private Investigator and is bonded and insured. All cases handled by our technician will be handled professionally and confidentially. Please, find below training accomplishments completed during his career.

  • NJ. Division of Criminal Justice Investigators Academy
  • National White Collar Crime Center Computer Forensic Schools
  • Expert Witness Computer Forensic School
  • New Jersey Criminal Justice Computer Forensic Training
  • Magloclen Computer Crimes & Investigation Training
  • High Tech Crimes Investigators Forensic & Intrusion Training
  • Access Data (FTK)Computer Forensic Schools
  • Guidance Software (Encase) Computer Forensic Schools
  • Paraben PDA Forensic School Certification
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation Surveillance Photography School
  • New Jersey State Police Homicide School
  • ID Officers Association Evidence Technician School
  • Academy For Scientific Investigation Polygraph Certification
  • Maryland Institute of Criminal Justice Sex Offender Polygraph Certification
  • Maryland Institute of Criminal Justice Computerized Polygraph Training
  • Research Electronics International TSCM Training
  • Tactical Technologies Electronic TSCM Training
  • Delaware University Interview & Interrogation Training
  • NJ Certified Firearms Instructor
  • Computer Network Technologies A Plus Certification
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