Private Surveillance

From infidelity to fraud to hidden income investigations, our undercover surveillance can uncover it.


Accredited Investigations, Inc. undercover investigators are experts at performing surveillance for:

  • Custody investigations
  • Infidelity investigations
  • Matrimonial investigations
  • Employee investigations
  • Fraud, Theft
  • Cheating spouses
  • Adultery
  • Legal matters,
  • Civil investigations
  • Business investigations
  • …And much more!

Nothing does a better job of demonstrating the truth than video/DVD Surveillance. When your case involves an individual engaged in some behavior they deny doing or are prohibited from doing, we get it on film for you.


Video Surveillance is very useful for evaluating your subject, documenting a person’s daily activities, documenting who the person meets with, the person’s lifestyle, or other facts you are looking for. Our private investigators and detective services will obtain discreet video surveillance using state-of-the-art surveillance equipment. Miniature hidden cameras, night vision capable cameras, and sophisticated surveillance techniques are used.

Video Surveillance is one of the best tools our private investigators use when investigating a person’s patterns, habits, lifestyle, etc. Video surveillance is usually the best option when knowledge of a person’s activity, lifestyle, movements, habits, and personal contacts are to be determined or investigated.

Whether it be related to Domestic relations, Cheating spouses, Stalking, Marital infidelity, Spousal surveillance, or for any other reason, our Private Detective Services can investigate discreetly and at a cost effective price. Our Agency and Private Detectives pride themselves on the ability to document the activities and lifestyle of the subject with the assumption that the evidence may or may not be used in a legal proceeding.

Our Private Investigation Company specializes in domestic investigations with a major emphasis on Marital infidelity, Parental custody rights, Child custody, Missing persons, and other domestic problems. Our client’s identity is always protected in our surveillance investigations and spousal surveillance. Our Licensed Private Detectives are very experienced in counter-surveillance investigations and sophisticated surveillance techniques.

Private Investigations can be conducted in most major cities throughout the United States. Whether it is vehicular or foot, static or mobile surveillance, our private investigators have the experience and technology to bring our clients the evidence required and bring a resolution to your case. After the investigation is closed, our clients are provided with detailed, written reports, and photo or video evidence of the investigation service

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