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Column “Dear John”

Produced By The Private Eye Media Group

Private Eye Media Group, a registered trade name of Accredited Investigations, Inc., created and developed the column “Dear John”, to provide readers across the country with support and answers related to domestic investigations to their relationship conflicts. Whether it be a divorce, infidelity, custody, or other familial issues, readers will be able to ask licensed, experienced professional private investigators advice. In today’s reality-based media world where people are able to take part in strangers’ life experiences, readers will continue to follow the column for their own personal answers and for the entertainment value as well.

Readers in the midst of a divorce, suspecting infidelity, fighting for custody, drug issues, or with a sensitive issue involving family members, often have questions and don’t know where to turn when they have a need to know. “Dear John” is that source. In the past, many have asked our private eye investigators for advice about their most conflicted family issues. “Dear John” creates a unique reality-based forum for readers to turn to to have their most concerning questions answered. Readers will continue to read the column for it’s value in their own personal situations and also for the entertainment aspect.


Private Eye Night Line National Talk Show

Produced By The Private Eye Media Group

Accredited Investigations, Inc. is excited about our new venture,, a national internet radio talk show. The Private Eye Media Group will produce and host live internet talk shows with veteran, licensed private detectives answering the public’s investigative questions.

In the last 28 years, Accredited Investigations’ owner, John Ciaccio, recognized that people with lives in conflict, no matter their race, economic background, or walk of life, needed their most sensitive, personal questions answered. They didn’t know where to go and often sought our private detectives’ advice about their life crises. Some examples of cases John consulted on, gave advice to families, and offered investigative services for:

  • A father needing to know how to protect his children and prove his ex-wife’s pedophile boyfriend was molesting them-John investigated and was able to provide the father with the information that the boyfriend was a convicted pedophile. John further counseled the father extensively to enable him to provide support to his children.
  • The parents of a young adult patient who was dying, left treatment, and moved to the wilderness several states away with a woman he met on the internet-John located the man, advised the family to prepare legal documents, and sent investigators to talk to the son. Investigators were able to convince the son to return home to the west coast to continue treatment and live the last year of his life with his parents.
  • A de-frocked priest involved in drugs, prostitution activity with allegations of abusing his own daughter-John provided 24 hour protection for the mother and child and then helped to relocate them out of the state.
  • Parents needing their underage, run away daughter located and returned home to the east coast-John was able to locate the teen girl who had runaway with a drug addict she met on the streets. An investigator was sent to the Las Vegas location to talk to the teen, break the control, and convince the girl to return home on the flight with the investigator.
  • A seemingly prominent suburban mother, and mentor for neighborhood teens caught engaging in same-sex relations with a neighborhood girl-John acted on behalf of the girl’s family to break the inappropriate relationship apart and require the neighbor to stop contacting the teen. John counseled the extended family, including grandparents, to deal with the ramifications from the girl. John was able to gain the trust of the teen and convince her to turn her life around.
  • A prominent family with a young adult daughter with multiple insecurity issues; pulling out her hair, eating disorders, suspected drug use, and visiting crack houses-John was able to provide surveillance on the girl, prove her drug use and visitation to crack houses, confront her with the video, and ultimately counsel her and her family to stop the behaviors. The young woman rehabilitated her life and is now successful and involved with her family.

Many more needed support and direction for more common issues of custody, infidelity, criminal law, and divorce. They had no one to turn to and law enforcement was not able to help. Family dynamics change as a result of the problem and many have devastating financial results. is a free local and nationwide service to the public. We are here to listen to concerns, answer questions, promote awareness, give guidance, and heighten alertness within our communities. Our audience will find us a valuable resource to navigate through their devastating personal crises and we hope to be a beacon for those who would otherwise have no one to turn to. We welcome participation in our forums. If you have any suggestions for the show please email them to

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